5 Ways to Incorporate Pearls into Your Wedding Day

5 Ways to Incorporate Pearls into Your Wedding Day

Known for their timeless elegance and bringing a more traditional look to a wedding, it’s easy to see why pearls are a popular choice when it comes to bridal jewellery, accessories and styling.

While tradition is beautiful, as specialists in modernising the beloved pearl, we are also big fans of trendy, edgy and unique ways to incorporate pearls into your wedding day, so we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas, including tips from brides we have worked with over the years….


  1. The Classic Pearl Bridal Necklace

A pearl bridal necklace is the epitome of bridal elegance. Whether you opt for a traditional Button Pearl Choker or a more contemporary pearl drop necklace such as our Thalassa Silver Pearl Pendant, a pearl necklace is the perfect, classical way to incorporate the gemstone into your wedding day.  Not to mention, wearing a pearl bridal necklace is said to prevent any tears on the big day.

As pearl specialists, our handcrafted necklaces are thoughtfully designed each with their own story to tell. Adjustable chains make our necklaces suitable for any dress or top neckline and as each pearl is hand-selected no two pearls are the same, making something truly unique and special for your big day.

Pearl bridal necklaces not only complement a variety of wedding dress styles but also provide a keepsake that you can wear on the day and treasure forever.


Pearl Necklace Bridesmaid Gifts

As well as for the bride herself, pearls are a popular choice for bridesmaids providing them with an extra touch of elegance on the day and a thoughtful gift they can treasure forever. Our Unita Organic Pearl Pendant is perfect for this – designed to celebrate the connections we share, the organic, circular element of the pendant represents unity, strength and wholeness helping you feel bonded together on such a special day.


  1. Elegant Pearl Bridal Earrings

When it comes to bridal jewellery, pearl bridal earrings can offer a versatile and sophisticated option. From simple pearl studs to intricate drop earrings, there’s a style to suit every bride. Pearl earrings can complement your bridal hairstyle and add a subtle yet striking detail to your ensemble.

Worn by Dame Helen Mirren, it’s easy to see why our Button Pearl Studs are a popular choice among brides. For a traditional look, these pearl bridal earrings bring out your natural beauty and can be elegantly paired with our Button Pearl Choker.


  1. Elegant Pearl-Embellished Hair Accessories

Whether it’s a traditional pearl-embellished veil or a delicate pearl cluster headband, hair accessories are often an area overlooked or at the bottom of the list job when it comes to planning a wedding.

It’s easy to focus too much on your hair updo, when a simple hair style with a pearl-encrusted hair comb or tiara could offer the natural elegance you’re looking for. Organic freshwater pearls are after all known for their natural and timeless appearance.

Pearl accessories can also be passed down as heirlooms, adding sentimental value.


  1. Pearls in Your Bridal Bouquet

One of our favourite modern ways of incorporating pearls into your wedding day is in the bridal bouquet. For a showstopping finish, wrapping the stems with a pearl-studded ribbon or interspersing pearls among the flowers can add a touch of glamour and sophistication. This subtle detail ties your entire look together and highlights your attention to detail. Choose pearls that match the tone of your wedding, whether it’s classic white or a subtle blush, to enhance the overall aesthetic of your bouquet.


  1. Pearl-Accented Bridal Shoes

Adding a hint of opulence to your wedding attire is often perfectly achieved with a pair of pearl-accented bridal shoes. Whether it’s a pair of elegant heels adorned with pearl details or ballet flats with pearl embellishments, this touch can elevate your look.

Pearl-accented shoes are also perfect for brides who want to incorporate pearls in a less traditional manner while still achieving a cohesive and stylish look.


Why Pearls for Your Wedding Day?

Offering a multitude of ways to add elegance and sophistication, pearls and weddings are match made in heaven. From necklaces and earrings to hair accessories and shoes, pearls can enhance your bridal look and most importantly (with their natural beauty), make you feel like you.

Visit our bridal edit for more inspo and create a wedding day look that is both timeless and uniquely yours.

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