“A single pearl is as unique as a fingerprint. No two pearls are the same, and no two people are the same.”

Claudia Bradby

Our Founder, Claudia

Claudia began by creating simple jewellery for friends, stringing pearls onto knotted leather.

As her enthusiasm and the popularity of the pieces grew, these evolved into a complete collection of contemporary, wearable pearl jewellery. Each piece beautifully unique and thoughtfully designed.  Claudia’s inspiration remains the same as when she started designing jewellery in the late 1990’s; to create stylish, affordable pearl jewellery, with a heart and soul to it, that can be worn by everyone, every day.

Why Jewellery?

My hope is that every time you put on a piece of our jewellery, the thought and care that goes into the design and creation of each piece will shine through.

I think the connections between us are one of the fundamental drivers of humanity.  Since the dawn of humankind, we have been driven to create items of beauty to represent and mark our stories, and jewellery is an exceptional illustration of this.  Who can forget the first piece of jewellery they were given or that they bought for themselves. Jewellery is uniquely personal.

Why pearls?

An underwhelming gift of generic jewellery got me thinking about jewellery and a posting to Hong Kong gave me the chance to explore the pearl markets and discover the wide variety available.

Back in the early 2000’s there was very little on offer beyond tired pearl cliches.  Realising that there was scope to reinvent this, the oldest of gemstones, and fascinated by their adaptability and unique properties, I sold my first designs solely through Liberty of London. We still hand select each freshwater pearl today and use only the best pearls available for each design. I am still excited by the way each unique pearl adapts to the wearer and my design handprint offers a new attitude to this most beautiful of gemstones.

What inspires your design?

From wild swimming, to learning about bees, the world around us and how we connect with it - all of this and so much more inspires my design.

At the heart of what I do is always the beautiful, lustrous pearl – and exploring new ways to wear this oldest of gemstones. My aim is to ensure all our designs are fit for how we live our lives not only today, but tomorrow.

“I’ve been a keen beekeeper for several years. I am so proud to support bee conservation and have partnered with The B4 Project."

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“Another passion of mine is wild swimming. The feeling of freedom out in the water is totally exhilarating.”

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