“The meditative powers of swimming, inspired this unique collection. Wearing and spinning this jewellery allows me to feel some of the peace I find in the water, and I hope that it may provide a touch of calm no matter what waters you find yourself in.”

Claudia Bradby

meditative - Behind the design

Inspired by Claudia’s love for outdoor swimming, the Meditative unique pearl jewellery collection is handcrafted using recycled silver and freshwater pearls.

This special collection encompasses the idea that we can find peace and calm from something as simple as moving in flowing water.

The Meditative range also includes touchstone jewellery such as our hero Pearl Spinner necklace. Tibetan Monks use spinning items to calm their minds and this necklace articulates exactly that. Carefully designed so that the pearl spins 360 degrees on its axis this is jewellery to touch and feel and relish.

Claudia created the Meditative range to inspire everyone to reconnect with what they love, and the joy and self-care that comes with that. 

'You can never step into the same stream’, noted Heraclitus, philosopher, and holder of the doctrine of flux, ‘for new waters are always flowing onto you’.

Meditative collection