freshwater pearls
freshwater pearls

Storing & looking after

Your Freshwater pearls

Whether you’ve just been gifted an elegant pearl jewellery piece or are planning to tidy up your jewellery box, keep in mind that pearls are a delicate gemstone. Looking after them we’ll ensure they retain their beauty and meet the timeless style they’re able to offer for years on end.

Our pearl and silver jewellery is rhodium plated – designed to stand the test of time and not tarnish. However, as with any type of jewellery, it’s still good practice to take care of them, ensuring they can be passed down to another generation one day.


  • 1. Store your pearl jewellery in a high-quality pouch, (included with all our jewellery) specially created to provide the best possible conditions for your pearls.

    2. Take care when applying perfume. Perfume and hairspray (and all other chemicals) will affect the appearance and damage the surface of your pearls. Always put your jewellery on after you’ve finished your hair and make-up.

  • 3. Wear regularly – pearls dry out if they are stored away for too long and improve when worn next to the skin, so any pearl jewellery will look better when worn more often.

    4. Take care not to moisten your pearls and never wear in any water as this depletes the nacre and any glue used to fix the pearls.

caring for pearl necklace

How to clean

Your pearl necklace

Any type of jewellery should be kept clean for hygiene reasons, as well as ensuring all your jewellery is kept in fine condition. If it touches your skin, it should be clean, not to mention pearls are such a timeless, precious piece of jewellery which can be passed down to future generations if proper care is taken.

1. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe down your pearls approximately once a week (or more if you wear your pearl necklace daily). This will remove any pollutants that can damage pearls over time.

2. If you have a pearl necklace which has become loose or badly stained over time you can have them re-strung. A specialist such as Janie’s Stringing can also professionally clean your pearls.

caring for pearl earrings


Your Pearl Earrings

If you’re looking to clean a set of pearl earrings, start by sanitising the metal without damaging the pearls. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe down the metal stud, take extra care ensuring the alcohol does not drop onto the pearl section of the earring.

Whether you’re looking to clean freshwater pearl stud earrings or a set of pearl drop earrings, simply follow the same method above with a damp soft cloth and mild soapy water for the pearl section of the jewellery.

Even though you need to be extra careful when you clean your pearl jewellery, it’s important to practice good hygiene with any type of jewellery, for your health and for the longevity of your special collection.