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Helen Mirren

Style icon and actress Dame Helen Mirren has always been an inspiration to us here at Claudia Bradby. A lover of pearls we are thrilled to see her choosing to wear our pearls both on and off-duty. As well as oozing Hollywood glamour in a seemingly effortless manner, Helen has also been highly motivational in her take on life and getting older, read more.

Pictured left, rocking our Biography Hoops at Berlin Film Festival 2023

“I love the originality of Claudia’s designs and the modern feel she gives to classic pearls. Every piece of Claudia’s jewellery is classy and beautiful. I feel special when I wear it.”

clare balding

Inspirational Pearl Style

There is nothing we love more than catching a glimpse of the joy our handcrafted jewellery has brought to people. Instagram is the perfect medium to showcase this and we’re fortunate enough to have had so many inspirational women, men and non-binary people sharing their unique pearl styling with us. Here is a small snapshot.