“The world is your oyster is a sentiment close to my heart, giving meaning to our jewellery, as well as being a central philosophy. Design wise these pieces reflect a love of the sea, of travel, of open horizons, and new possibilities.”

Claudia Bradby

The world is your oyster - Behind the design

Inspired by an oyster shaped shell given to Claudia by her mother, from the beach in Australia where she was born, this bestselling pearl and silver jewellery collection features our much-loved phrase ‘The World is your Oyster’- a sentiment close to our hearts, which resonates with our core ethos of positivity and connectivity. 

Designed to inspire and motivate with a powerful message that will stay with you or a loved one for years to come. 

To create the pendant Claudia made a hand drawing of the outline shape, and worked with her CAD colleague to give a feel of edges smoothed by the sea – it was important to capture the fragile, organic shape of the shell.  Pairing the hand crafted silver pendant with a pearl charm highlights the exciting notion that each pearl originated from a similar shell and was created using the same incredible natural processes, nature itself.

"One of my most precious possessions is an oil painting by my mum, of the beach where I was born, which I was lucky enough to visit with my own children in 2020. This is where the shell that our world is your oyster pendant is cast from, was found. My mum said she painted as my brother played in the sand."

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