Bridgerton Inspired Jewellery – Elegant Pearls for Timeless Escapism

Bridgerton Inspired Jewellery – Elegant Pearls for Timeless Escapism

Everyone is talking about Bridgerton, the new Netflix drama which is proving to be the most popular show on the streaming service to date, and it’s easy to see why.

Set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, Bridgerton gave us all a sense of romantic escapism that many of us so desperately craved during challenging times in these often dreary winter months.

Although set in the 1800s, the show has been very cleverly given a modern twist, from the dreamy classical versions of modern music to giving people of different ethnic backgrounds powerful roles, as well as touching on feminism and complex family dynamics.

Claudia Bradby Jewellery and Bridgerton

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Timeless elegance with splash of contemporary flair is a style that has a distinct likeness to Claudia’s handcrafted jewellery designs.

“I always wanted to create something for strong, independent and adventurous women with a passion for living life to the full,” says Claudia.

Her journey into the mysterious and wonderful world of pearls began with a well-meaning but ill-conceived gift from her husband. She tried to find the gentlest possible way of telling him that it was far too expensive to be so uninspiring. Touring the pearl markets of Hong Kong shortly afterwards, she was mesmerised by the versatility and allure of this, the oldest and arguably most beautiful of gemstones. This evolved into her creation of a unique collection of contemporary jewellery designed to bring a little style and joy into wearing the much-loved timeless pearl.

Image credit: @bridgertonnetflix on Instagram

Bridgerton Jewellery – Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

Amongst the extravagant gowns donned by most characters in Bridgerton, it’s still hard to miss the elegant jewellery. A quick Google search on some replica pieces which have appeared in the show and you may be blown away by the four figure price tags and find you need to be a lord or lady yourself to enjoy them. So here are our top 3 Bridgerton inspired pieces to suit all purse strings.

  1. Lagertha Silver Drop Choker Necklace

    Pearl choker necklaces are featured on numerous occasions in Bridgerton and this classic white pearl charm choker has been given a modern edge set off against tiny silver drops. Wear on its own or layer with a long pearl necklace and just like the pearl, you’ll feel powerful enough to take on the world.

  2. Favourite Pearl Drop Necklace and Earring Set

    Pearl drop earrings are a style of jewellery which has never really gone out of fashion. With their pure grace and subtle elegance as featured in Bridgerton, they offer a versatile earring which can be worn in pretty much any setting.

    Claudia’s Favourite Pearl Drop Set is one of our most popular jewellery sets, offering the perfect sentiment to gift someone special.

  3. Biography Pearl Necklace

    We couldn’t possibly talk about the timeless elegance of pearls without mentioning Claudia’s Biography Necklace – one of the most traditional pieces in our range.

    Claudia was inspired by pearl icons when creating this necklace, from the incredible Mariyn Monroe to Sarah Jessica Parker’s clever way of wearing pearls in even the most relaxed setting.

So, whether you hope to attend your first social gathering in style or simply want to promenade through your local park and feel amazing in times of hardship, the power of pearls will give us all the strength to help us get through anything.

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