CB Ambassador | Carole @carolem_beauty

CB Ambassador | Carole @carolem_beauty

Here at Claudia Bradby we love connecting with people who inspire us. Our Claudia Bradby ambassadors are from all walks of life and are passionate about what they do.

This month we were delighted to work with Carole (@caroleem_beauty), who joined forces with @ThatGirlWithTheBob to style out 2 designs in both silver and gold. We think Carole is such a beam of sunshine and we've adored seeing her in CB pearls. Creating content around fashion, skincare, beauty and lifestyle, Carole always has a way of brightening up our days.

We took the chance to catch up with Carole, and explore her choices as well as how she feels about Claudia Bradby jewellery.


    1. What do you think makes Claudia Bradby pearls so unique?

      For me it is how Claudia mixes contemporary and classic so well together. Her pieces really are timeless and would be perfect for anyone and for any occasion.

    2. What made you pick Claudia Bradby pearls?

      I chose this beautiful necklace (Sleek City Pearl and Silver Chain Necklace) as I loved the beautiful colour and shape of the pearls and and how the silver worked so perfectly with the pearls which is also why I chose the earrings. The earrings (Biography Pearl Silver Hoop Earrings) though are also the perfect size for daytime and evening, and love that I have the option to wear them with the pearls or on their own.

    3. If you were going to gift Claudia Bradby pearls, who would you gift them to and why?

      I would gift these to my sister as these are timeless beautiful pieces which I know both of us would wear all the time and adore the idea of us having pearls together - we are definitely stronger together.

    4. Why did you choose silver pieces or gold?

      I chose the silver because I love how the metal looks against the lighter tones in my hair and I feel silver works so well with my skin tone. But, I just love how silver and pearls look together. The perfect combination! 


Are you Team Gold or Silver? 

Get pearl styling inspo from Carole and fellow CB Ambassador Maria, rocking both silver and gold looks in their 'Apples and Pears' Instagram series. Watch them style it out here.

"We picked the Sleek City Pearl Necklace and Biography Hoop Earrings. Both designs are so versatile - we loved that the pearls can easily be removed from the hoop earrings for a classic hoop that can then be layered.

I teamed the necklace with a plain black square necked top for the daytime which not only works for my body shape but shows the necklace off perfectly - the pearls and the silver chain really pop. I kept the Pearl on the hoop earrings for the day to elevate my look.

For the evening I chose to wear the necklace half and half with my colourful printed dress as this worked well with my wrap dress v-shaped neckline and showed how fun it is to wear the necklace in a different way. I wore the hoops without the Pearl here for simple glamour."

Carole wearing silver sleek city necklace Silver Sleek City Pearl Chain Necklace
Silver Biography Pearl Hoop Maria and Carole Pearl Styling

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