CB Ambassador | Pia @piavibekegrace

CB Ambassador | Pia @piavibekegrace

Here at Claudia Bradby we love connecting with people who inspire us. Our Claudia Bradby Ambassadors are from all walks of life and are passionate about what they do.

This month we were delighted to work with Pia Grace (@piavibekegrace), a midlife influencer from West Sussex. Pia’s simple, beautiful style caught our eye and we became a little bit obsessed with her Instagram stories as she talks through her looks each day and includes lots of cute puppy content too! We just love how Pia’s confidence shines through, and how she creates simple easy to use looks.  And we have to say; her Instagram really is a comfortable and happy place to be!

We took the chance to catch up with Pia, and to explore a little bit more about how she feels about Claudia Bradby jewellery.


  1. What do you think makes Claudia Bradby pearls so unique?

    I think the designs incorporating CB pearls are so beautiful, they’re classic yet contemporary, understated and so very chic.

  2. What made you pick Claudia Bradby pearls?

    The meaning of the new pieces from the Stronger Together Collection really spoke to me. I love the woven threads of connection between friends, and how our lives join together.

  3. If you were going to gift Claudia Bradby pearls, who would you gift them to and why?

    I think giving pearls as a gift is so meaningful and I’d choose a simple necklace to give my daughter, one she could wear and layer with existing jewellery.

  4. How adaptable do you think Claudia Bradby jewellery is for styling/dressing etc?

    The main thing I love about CB Pearl jewellery is how it can be worn for everyday, for any occasion and for many years to come.


Watch the pearl styling reel that Pia created wearing our new Unita Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings and Pendant in Silver, plus our Baroque Hand Knotted Pearl Bracelet here.

"The first look is a simple denim jacket transformed with CB’s Unita Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings in Silver. So wearable and has such a simple, classic feel. Plus the pearls are detachable so you can wear them as simple silver hoops too!

Look number two, a summery Broderie Anglaise I added the matching Unita Organic Pearl Pendant in Silver. This pairs so well with the earrings for day or night and is equally chic worn with a simple white tee. What I love about this necklace is that it’s adjustable so can be worn with many different necklines." 

pia grace wearing silver and pearl claudia bradby jewellery     
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"The last casual look is made special with a statement belt and Claudia’s Baroque Hand Knotted Pearl Bracelet with silver finishes. This piece is stunning. Did you know that each of the pearls and handpicked are knotted by the CB team? And I just love the wonderfully organic shape of the pearls too.

The pieces from look 1 & 2 are from Claudia Bradby’s new collection; Stronger Together, which celebrates the connections we all share in life, marking their value of them and the interlinked nature of our lives. You can see how adaptable they are to wear and how they can fit into your wardrobe with such ease."

Pia also regularly rocks our Sleek City Pearl and Silver Chain Necklace, from our endlessly adaptable Evolutionary Collection. Check out some of the ways she styles our modern pearl necklace below.



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