Dreamcatcher Collection – A personal look behind the designs from Claudia

Dreamcatcher Collection – A personal look behind the designs from Claudia

I have long been a believer that it is important to save space for even a glimpse of something beyond the everyday and now more than ever that feels vital for our well being. So I am really delighted to introduce you to my new Dreamcatcher collection of beautiful new silver and pearl jewellery designs. I hope you will join us on the journey through these new pearl pieces, and that they may offer some glimpse or glimmer of optimism about the future to you and your loved ones.

Turning 50 last year I paused to reflect on what my dreams were then. At heart family and friends; exploring the world; engaging and connecting with nature around me, with a touch of rewilding of myself via wild swimming. I set about designing a series of pieces which would connect us in with what we dreamt of, and perhaps which would remind us not to lose sight of these precious thoughts.

My first idea evolved into our new dreamcatcher pearl and silver pendant mini range. There is something for everyone here with multiple lengths and variations on the theme. Central to the design is our ‘circle of life’ silver ring – designed to ape an organic natural twig with smoothed over edges in my designs. Real authentic, traditional dream catchers are handmade and crafted only from all natural materials, measuring just a few small inches across in size. The hoops are usually constructed of a bent Red Willow branch; hence my twig inspiration. Here I like to think of the hoop as evolving to represent our circle of life and all that is important to us. As to the charms take your pick from the simple understated pearl drop or the small feather, cowrie shell and pearl medley. The silver feather allows the good dreams to slide down into your sleeping creative mind – or maybe it will catch some comments you make in the day and store them up for your future dream weaving. The silver cowrie shell is cast from a real cowrie – I collected these as a child on the beaches of Cornwall. Did you know the traditional Chinese character for “money/currency” originated as a pictograph of a cowrie shell; a reflection of the cowrie being used as currency. Take these beautifully cast silver shells as your new currency for today. The long layering deamcatcher pendant was designed with a full festival feel in mind. Why not make your own festival at home this summer with home-made games, music and fun.

Match up with our beautiful hoops with of course their detachable charms allowing you to personalise your earrings to suit your mood.

We love layering our necklaces and here we can layer up with my original pearl spinner – I dare you not to have this as your most tactile piece of jewellery yet. It has a satisfactory meditative feel to it, which we all need right now to escape daily worries. The shorter of the pearl ring necklaces sits happily as a choker – perfect for double layering – and it moves against your skin with you. I intentionally threaded the chain through the centre to give it a more free flowing feel so it will change position through the day. I love these two designs.

Now onto my new Helix range. There is quite a trend for large chain links and my new helix range delivers this in a very easy to wear, stylish form. Named after the spiral effect of a staircase leading somewhere new – perhaps to new adventures, or dreams, the shape of the helix references safety pins and adds an element of punkish rebellion to our much loved, and classic gemstone, the pearl. And of course the pearl is detachable from the single hoop allowing you to again personalise your jewellery each day. A truly modern pearl collection.

I hope you will enjoy the addition of our micro world is your oyster silver and pearl pendant, and bracelet, to our bestselling larger pendant and bangle. These are the perfect gifts for anyone setting out on a new adventure, or who needs some reassurance in today’s world. The bracelet looks wonderful layered up with the shell and pearl dreamcatcher bracelet. Find your own style with mixing and matching

As the requests for more gold jewellery have increased, I have introduced gold plated versions of our best selling new earrings. Their golden hue brings promise of sunnier days, and I think pearls look particularly strong with the gold precious metal.

For significant pearl power try our new Margarita lariat or long necklace. Featuring a single, beautiful and hand selected pearl this will work with all necklines and for all occasions. The pearl runs freely on the chain and it is fully adaptable to your look or mood. These pearls are in limited supply so get it while you can.

As a lover of hoops my summer designs are never short of a new take on this boho, empowering trend. My new favourite hoop drops have a satisfactory swagger, and I love the movement of the pearl drop. You can take the pearl off to wear just a simple silver hoop, but I’m going to bet you won’t want to… In 18k gold plate too, they are the perfect summer update for you or your friends.

Do let us know what you think of the new designs – we love hearing all your feedback and what the designs mean to you.

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