CB Ambassador | Patricia Pastor

CB Ambassador | Patricia Pastor

Here at Claudia Bradby, we love meeting women who are passionate about what they do and who offer new inspiration – so we were thrilled to meet and work with the influencer and CB ambassador; Patricia Pastor @justalpatri. Patricia is a Spanish woman living here in the UK. She shares her love for fashion in both English and Spanish and offers a chic approach to daily life. We love how she excels at finding versatile pieces and creating different outfits for today’s modern women.

We took the chance to catch up with her and find out her plans for the year ahead, and what inspires her.

  1. Tell us how and why you became an influencer.

    It all started as a hobby. I have always loved fashion, and my husband likes photography, so we decided to start this adventure and share my outfits on Instagram. But I never dreamed of being where I am now.

  2. How do you create your outfits?

    Sometimes I decide the outfit as a whole (total denim, total black, total white, etc.), and other times I create the outfit around a garment or accessory I want to highlight. I usually lay all the clothes and accessories on the bed to give me a better idea of how they will look and decide the best match.

  3. What are your favourite fashion labels?

    Most of the time I wear high street clothes from fashion labels as Zara, River Island and H&M. Recently, I have discovered other brands like Odd Molly and Sosandar, which have lovely clothes.

  4. How do you think jewellery can change a look?

    I always give a lot of importance to my accessories, as I think they are the key to give an outfit that extra edge. They can make the difference between a simple outfit and one that stands out and turn heads.

  5. How did you find your particular style and how would you define it?

    If I look back, I don’t think my style has changed much over the last few years. I like following the current trends, but adapting them to my style, to which I am always loyal. I would define it as something between classic and casual. I like wearing versatile and comfortable clothes, mainly in neutral colours, something y I can wear on a daily basis and that I can combine to create multiple outfits.

  6. Do you have a style icon?

    I have always loved Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.

  7. What are you looking for when buying a fashion item (clothes or accessories)?

    The main thing I look for in clothes and accessories is versatility. Something that fits my style and that I can use to easily create several outfits.

  8. If you could only wear the same piece of jewellery (other than your wedding band/engagement ring) everyday what would it be and why?

    I would probably choose an elegant necklace, something like your “The World is Your Oyster” necklace. A necklace like that is very versatile and can give any outfit that extra edge I was talking about.

  9. What are your plans for 2020?

    Besides carrying on working and sharing my outfits on Instagram – I am currently working on my fashion blog, which I would like to launch this year.

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