How to Pack Jewellery for Your Summer Holiday

How to Pack Jewellery for Your Summer Holiday

Summer is here and whether you’re staycationing or jet setting, choosing and packing jewellery is often an afterthought, resulting in your less favourite looks and dreaded necklace tangling. With some top tips from the CB community, here is our handy guide on how to pack for your summer holiday.

Choosing Your Summer Holiday Jewellery

  1. Opt for versatile pieces which suit any outfit - pearls are perfect for this thanks to their timeless allure and ability to be worn day to night.
  1. Get creative with jewellery layering – perfect putting your own stamp on an outfit and allowing for multiple looks without packing your entire jewellery collection.
  1. Simple day to night - Lifestyle creator @ZikraBouhafs shares: “When it comes to picking jewellery for a holiday, I love to go simple. Gold jewellery is my favourite and if I know I’m going somewhere with a beach, then I’m adding pearls and shells too! I love dainty pieces that can be styled with a day and night look.”
  1. Dainty vs bold – we all like to choose our outfits based on our mood which can result in overpacking. Jewellery is no exception this, so our tip would be to opt for a small mix of your favourite dainty and chunkier jewellery, keeping in mind the necklines of your outfits if your necklaces are not adjustable.
  1. Match jewellery to your landscape! - Style Guru @HarrietWears says: “When packing for a trip, I often think about where I’m going and what I’ll be doing there. When heading somewhere by the coast I love match my jewellery to the landscape so pearls are a must! I also always make sure I have something casual for the day - usually a stud or small huggie/hoop earring, and then I’ll pack more statement pieces for my evening plans - e.g. a drop earring, and a statement pendant.”

Why Pearls Are Perfect for Summer

Pearls are the little black dress of the jewellery world. A classic pair of our most loved Button Pearl Studs accompanied by our summer must-have World is Your Oyster shell necklace is always a win. Whether you’re strolling along the beach or enjoying dinner somewhere spectacular, summer pearls add a touch of elegance to your look.


Top Tips for Travelling with Jewellery

  1. Use a Jewellery Travel Case

Invest in a high-quality jewellery travel case. These cases are designed with multiple compartments to keep your pieces organised and tangle-free. Opt for a case with a soft lining to protect your pearls from scratches and other damage. If you’re only taking one necklace on weekend break, all our necklaces also feature an anti-tangle luxury pouch, which you can use to keep your CB necklace safe forever.

Zikra tells us: “With packing, I have little dust bags for more expensive pieces (real gold / gold plated) and I place everything in a small jewellery box organiser. I only take a few capsule pieces that I know I can re-wear with different looks.”


  1. Keep Pearls and Different Metals Separate

Pearls can be sensitive to scratches and chemicals. For this reason we always advise pack them separately from other jewellery items. Use individual soft pouches or wrap each piece in a soft cloth to prevent them from rubbing against each other or other items in your luggage. The same applies if you’re travelling with jewellery created using different metals.


  1. Avoid Over Exposure to Heat and Sunlight

Direct sunlight and heat for long periods of time can damage jewellery, causing them to lose their lustre. When you’re not wearing your jewellery, keep them in a cool, shaded place. Never leave them in a hot car or exposed to the sun for extended periods.


  1. Secure Small Pieces

For smaller items like pearl earrings or rings, a simple and affordable way to pack is by using pill boxes or small zip-lock bags. This not only keeps them secure but also makes them easy to find when you need them. You can also label each compartment or bag to avoid mixing them up.


  1. Keep Jewellery in Your Carry-On

We’ve all heard stories of lost or stolen luggage, so for this reason it’s good to keep your most valuable and sentimental jewellery pieces with you. Splitting pieces amongst your hand luggage and main cases is also great for peace of mind and ensuring you’re not without any jewellery, should the worst happen.


Wherever you’re travelling this summer, we hope you make precious memories and get that much-needed change of scenery we all crave midway through the year.

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