New for Autumn and Winter | Meditative Collection

New for Autumn and Winter | Meditative Collection

New for Autumn and Winter 2021, the exciting new Meditative collection was inspired by Claudia’s newfound love for outdoor swimming. Claudia discovered the joy and adventure of swimming in the great outdoors with friends during lockdown, and so when it came to designing her next sustainable jewellery range it had to based on something very special that was able to lift her mood and provide a touch of calm no matter what life had in store.

Handcrafted using recycled silver, this new range encompasses the idea that we can find peace and calm from something as simple as moving in flowing water.

Jewellery with Meaning

Like our entire luxury, rhodium-plated range, each piece in the Meditative collection has a story to tell. Claudia’s hero pieces include the Pearl Spinner, a striking necklace which also acts as a ‘touchstone’ of sorts. Tibetan Monks use spinning items to calm their minds and this necklace articulates exactly that. Carefully designed so that the pearl spins 360 degrees on its axis this is jewellery to touch, feel and relish.

“Wearing, and touching, this jewellery allows me to feel some of the peace I find in the water,” says Claudia.

“The lustrous pearl, securely surrounded by the silver in the Thalassa range, is inspired by the feeling you get when the water gently flows around your body in natural pools.” Claudia

Rediscovering Yourself Through the Natural World

Whether it’s finding calm through adventure or enjoying something in the comfort of your own home like baking or crafts, over the past year or so, the idea of ‘reconnection’ has never been more poignant.

The Outdoor Swimming Society describe reconnection as a ‘yearning to recover a sense of how the natural world smells, tastes and sounds.’

‘More and more people are being drawn back to the woods, hills and waters of Britain and Ireland. More and more would agree with Gary Snyder (forester, poet, tool-maker, Buddhist) when he writes: ‘That’s the way to see the world, in our own bodies’. As though our skin has eyes. Which, in a way, it does.

‘You can never step into the same stream’, noted Heraclitus, philosopher of flux, back in the fifth century BC, ‘for new waters are always flowing onto you’. Just so. A version of the truth that you can never go for the same wild swim twice. Weather, tide, current, temperature, company – all of these shift between swims.’

The Meditative collection encompasses this idea and has been carefully designed to encourage you to reconnect with what you love, and the joy that comes with that.

Each piece is cast by expert silversmiths, then hand polished with the pearls being set, again by hand, by our pearl experts. Just like our entire range, this luxury jewellery with meaning is beautifully packaged and includes a descriptive card with the story behind this unique pearl and silver jewellery collection.

Give the gift of luxury pearl jewellery with meaning or expand your own collection with something really special.

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