Pearl Bridal Jewellery – Our Guide for Brides

Pearl Bridal Jewellery – Our Guide for Brides

Elegant, traditional and classic, it’s no wonder that pearls are one of the most popular styles when it comes to bridal jewellery.

Many people believe that wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure a happy marriage and that you won’t shed any tears. While we can’t guarantee that one of the most special days of your life won’t be emotional, here is our guide to choosing pearl bridal jewellery that suits both your dress and your personality.

Why Wear Pearls on Your Wedding Day?

In ancient cultures, pearls represent purity (similarly to the tradition of wearing a white dress). In Greek cultures, pearls are also believed to give you protection and good luck.

 Our unique handcrafted jewellery features freshwater pearls which come from mussels that mature in non-saline water.

One of the most powerful connotations of the pearls used here at Claudia Bradby is strength. The pearl is one of the strongest and most powerful gemstones. Yet it retains a femininity to it as well.

Wearing jewellery is about more than just the ‘look’ you’re trying to achieve, but also how you feel when wearing it. Pearls offer a sense of security and have an uplifting nature and ‘glow’ from their lustre – which is why Claudia designs varied and unique pieces of pearl jewellery to make our collections suitable for all style preferences.

Pearl Bridal Necklace Lengths

One of the biggest worries most brides face is whether their pearl bridal necklace is going to be the right length to suit the neckline of their dress.

For peace of mind, we recommend choosing a pearl necklace with an adjustable chain – this will ensure you can easily alter and also wear the necklace at a length which is comfortable for you.

Our Luxe White Coin Pearl Necklace is known for it’s elegant colour and luminosity which catches the light beautifully, offering a unique modern pearl bridal necklace.

Another option would be to go for a bridal pearl choker necklace. Our popular Button Pearl Choker is also adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and is available in white for a traditional look or pink for a unique touch. This is also ideal to offer as a pearl jewellery gift for your bridesmaids, mother of the bride or mother-in-law.

Pearl Bridal Bracelet Styles

Not forgetting of course your pearl bridal bracelet, which is by no means a ‘must’, however as you’re probably not going to be wearing a watch on your big day, a beautiful bracelet can make you feel a little more complete.

Our Button Pearl Bracelet and Luxe White Coin Pearl Bracelet can be beautifully paired with the pearl bridal necklaces mentioned above.

Pearl bracelets also make ideal bridesmaid gifts and offer something special that your main ladies will treasure forever and wear time and time again. This goes beyond the wedding day itself and offers a happy reminder of such a special time you shared together. Our Abacus White Pearl Friendship Bracelet is a popular choice offering a wonderful sentiment for your bridesmaids.

For more help and advice choosing your perfect pearl bridal jewellery, contact our small friendly team.

On behalf of Claudia and the skilled craftsmen and women who hand select our pearls, we wish you a wonderful wedding day.

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