Pearl jewellery to support your chakras

Pearl jewellery to support your chakras

We asked Georgia Coleridge, the healer, and author of the book 'THE CHAKRA PROJECT', to share her knowledge about our chakras, and to explore how pearls can help support these vital energy points.  Georgia, based in London, 'specialises in energy healing; a gentle, relaxing therapy that can be extremely effective at treating physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.' And for those lucky enough to have a June birthday, the special advice on wearing pearls to support your chakras will have extra meaning and value, making them the perfect birthday gift.

Georgia explained how pearl jewellery can support specific chakra's.  We were intrigued to find out how valuable pearl jewellery is in helping these energy points open and clear.  

'YOUR CROWN CHAKRA – the colour white is associated with the uplifting, inspiring crown chakra.If you put all the colours of the rainbow together, you can create pure white light.The purity, simplicity and perfect curves of a pearl complements this chakra beautifully.Looking at a perfect white pearl, is like looking at a perfect white moon, so can remind you of the heavens.'  We would suggest that any of our meditative pearl jewellery would be excellent supports to your crown Chakra. 


For thousands of years humans have worn precious stones and jewellery to protect their energy and amplify it. If you wear a shorter pearl necklace around your neck, you could enhance your throat chakra, to help you communicate more clearly'.  We would suggest that our most loved pearl choker necklace would be a fabulous support to your throat or heart chakra. 

'If you wear a shorter pearl necklace over your heart, you can help to protect your sensitive heart chakra, and amplify the love that it generates.' Any of our choker style pearl necklaces would work well here and we love the idea of these carefully designed pearl necklaces amplifying the love in our hearts. 

Georgia goes on to explain: 'If you wear a pink pearl necklace, all the better! Soft, rosy pink is particularly good for the heart chakra.'  We think our pink pearl button choker would fit the brief perfectly here.

YOUR SACRAL CHAKRA –  Georgia explains that 'this chakra, located in your lower stomach and lower back, is linked to the joy of being alive and the joy of water. The beauty of pearl jewellery, which comes from the ocean and freshwater, can remind you to enjoy this beautiful life.'  This is a guiding ethos that we can fully get behind, and maybe one of our stronger together pearl designs, celebrating the connections we all share, would work well to support your sacral chakra. 

Georgia was kind enough to share her further thoughts on pearls and your chakras.  'I don’t know about pearls absorbing energy, but if they do, they would protect all the chakras. They certainly feel comforting, when they are warm against one’s skin.'

Georgia Coleridge, best selling author of The Chakra Project

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