Pearl Necklaces for Brides

Pearl Necklaces for Brides: A Bridal Style Showcase

Bridal jewellery holds a special place in the heart of every bride, enhancing her overall look and creating timeless memories. Among the various options available, pearls always stand out for their elegance and traditional significance. Discover the enduring tradition of adorning pearl necklaces on your wedding day.


The Elegance of Pearl Necklaces in Bridal Traditions:

In the realm of bridal traditions, pearl necklaces have been a symbol of timeless elegance for generations. For centuries many people have believed that wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure your marriage is happy and you won't shed tears during it.

As one of the oldest bridal gemstones, they have been worn since Ancient Greek and Rome as a symbol of bridal purity and promise of a happy marriage.


Classic Pearl Necklace Styles for Timeless Beauty:

Discover the allure of classic pearl necklace styles, especially those handcrafted with precious metals like silver and gold to ensure your bridal necklace can be treasured forever as a memento of your special day.

Depending on the style of your wedding dress, you will also want a necklace with a chain which can easily be altered to suit different necklines. This means you can wear your bridal necklace not only on the big day, but also for years to follow as an accessory for any outfit.

For timeless bridal elegance, our Button Pearl Choker necklace is a popular choice as a classic pearl necklace style.

If you’re looking for something more contemporary our silver and gold bridal jewellery options are a perfect option, each thoughtfully created with a story behind the design, making your wedding accessories all the more special.


Modern Twists: Contemporary Pearl Necklace Trends for Brides:

The use of pearls when creating luxury jewellery has evolved massively in recent years and with 30 years experience as pearl specialists, we have been at the forefront of this creating innovative designs. Contemporary bridal jewellery comes in many different forms and while we love keeping an eye on the latest trends, we’re firm believers that your jewellery should reflect your own style and personality. This is why all our freshwater pearls are hand-selected, ensuring each is individually unique and beautiful, just like the wearer.


Coordinating Bridal Accessories: Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets:

Our complete bridal jewellery sets are a perfect option for co-ordinating your bridal accessories, achieving a harmonious look on your special day with matching pearl bridal earrings, a necklace and bracelet is loved by many brides looking for a cohesive look.

We find that many brides also like to create their own ‘bridal jewellery set’, choosing different styles of pearl necklaces and earrings for a more unique feel.


Affordable Luxury: Silver and Gold Pearl Necklace Options:

It can be very confusing for brides to know how much to budget for their wedding jewellery. While you’ll want to wear something a little more luxurious and also invest in pearls which can be treasured forever, your bridal accessories are also not likely a top priority when it comes to choosing how your wedding budget is distributed.

It’s important not to get sucked into top jewellery brand names. Instead, look at the materials used to create the jewellery and how it is made to ensure the quality. Luxury on a budget is very much achievable and there are plenty of affordable freshwater pearl bridal jewellery options created with sterling silver and 18k gold plate.


Caring for Your Precious Pearls: Maintenance Tips for Brides:

When it comes to bridal jewellery care, even the finest jewellery will need to be looked after to ensure your pearl jewellery maintains it’s beautiful lustre for years. Cleaning and storing your pearls adequally almost means you’ll have beautiful jewellery which can be treasured forever and passed down to future generations. See our Caring for Your Jewellery guide for our top tips.


Where to Find Exquisite Bridal Pearl Necklaces:

As brides we all want to look and feel amazing on our wedding, however we believe it’s important to also feel like you. Buying quality bridal jewellery not only means using for a reputable bridal jewellery brand, top craftsmanship and the finest materials, but also choosing a design that’s unique and special to you. Created with thought and care and lovingly packaged here at our Hampshire workshop, we have helped brides far and wide find their perfect match.

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