Sustainable Jewellery – NEW Honey Bee Collection

Sustainable Jewellery – NEW Honey Bee Collection

Launched just in time for spring, our new Honey Bee collection is here and encompasses one key message we took from 2020 – we are stronger together. Much like the humble honey bee, we are all inter-connected – we can’t operate solo, and thrive, be that on a social, political, economic or conservation level. This philosophy first came to our notice in an article written by The Duchess of Sussex, when she guest edited Vogue in 2019, and spoke about ‘the power of the collective’. Since then it has grown in our consiousness and feels more necessary than ever before.

Bee Inspired – Claudia’s Sustainable Jewellery

“As a novice beekeeper I wanted to design some jewellery to celebrate the humble honey bee”, says Claudia.

In her design research, Claudia came across ancient coins with bees on them – the bee was the symbol and icon of the ruler of Egypt and was also used in ancient Greek coinage. Ephesus had the bee as a civic emblem – a symbol of their goddess Artemis.

“My thoughts followed that maybe we could adopt this as a new icon for a new more connected world order. One of the starkest, and most inspiring, messages from 2020 was how we are all connected , so combining this with the trend for coins in jewellery I have designed a new currency for us to consider. A currency for new times that has the power of the mighty, but humble, honey bee as its core value.”

These unique coins also offer sustainable jewellery as they are designed using recycled silver – something we’re striving to roll out across our entire range.

Handcrafted Recycled Silver Jewellery

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to look to a more sustainable future, and to have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we have launched two new initiatives. Firstly our latest jewellery collection has been handcrafted using recycled silver. Accompanied with our signature natural freshwater pearl and inspired by our native honey bee, each design holds the powerful message that we truly can achieve anything if we work together. The sign to the left hand side of the honey bee on all our coins means ‘stronger together’ and we like to think each piece from this range channels this spirit.

Our second initiative is we have pledged to give 1% of our turnover to support the environment, giving back by joining 1% For The Planet – a global movement helping businesses support environmental solutions.

The launch of our Honey Bee collection inspired us to support The B4 Project in our first year of joining 1% for the planet. The purpose of The B4 Project is to conserve, and promote the UK’s native honey bee to create a more sustainable bee population in the UK. We are very proud to be involved in this important and timely conservation group.

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