Pearl and Gold Jewellery Trend

The Rising Trend of Pearl and Gold Jewellery

You may have already noticed - pearl and gold jewellery has been having a major moment for the past couple of years.

Whether you love following the latest trends or are simply a lover of beautiful jewellery, you've probably seen this trend popping up everywhere - from the runway to the high-street. The classic combination of pearls and gold has recently undergone a modern twist, which Claudia loves to celebrate in her unique, modern designs, bringing pearls into the 21st century.


Why Gold and Pearl Jewellery Has Become So Popular

The timeless combination of pearls and gold has long been a popular option, but it seems that more and more people are turning to this classic pairing. The reason for this resurgence is simple: pearls and gold can be worn in both classic and modern ways.

Layering pearls and gold with other jewellery is a modern take on the classic pairing. The combination of traditional and modern elements creates a unique and fresh look, which you as the wearer can really make your own. Not to mention, pearls and gold look great on any skin tone and can easily be dressed up or down.


What to Look for When Choosing Your Gold Pearl Jewellery

When choosing your pearl and gold jewellery, it's important to make sure the pearls are round and have a consistent colour and lustre. Be wary of pearls that have a dull, chalky appearance, as this is a sign of lower quality. For the gold always, look for 14k or 18k gold. 24k gold is actually too soft for everyday wear and can easily scratch.

Be sure to also look at the clasp and if it’s a pearl gold necklace, it’s advisable to find an adjustable clasp which allows you to wear the necklace at different lengths. Nearly all Claudia Bradby designs include this. Adjustable necklaces are perfect for ensuring your jewellery suits different outfits and necklines.


How to Layer Pearl and Gold Jewellery

Layering your pearl and gold jewellery can be a daunting task, but it's easier than you think and can become a bit of a hobby for everyday jewellery wearers.

Start with a statement piece, like a necklace or bracelet, and add smaller pieces, like earrings or rings. Layering bracelets and necklaces of different lengths can add depth and texture to your outfit. Don't be afraid to mix metals, such as layering a pearl and gold necklace with a silver chain. The most important thing when layering jewellery is to have fun, experiment with different styles.

At Claudia Bradby we’re firm believers in jewellery making you feel good and like yourself, rather than just accessorising an outfit.


Celebrities Seen Wearing Gold and Pearl Jewellery

From royalty to Hollywood stars, many celebrities have been spotted wearing pearls and gold. Rihanna was seen wearing pearl and gold hoop earrings to a recent film premiere, adding the perfect touch of glamour to her outfit. Emma Watson was also spotted wearing a pearl and gold necklace at the Met Gala, adding a modern twist to the classic trend.


How to Make the Pearl and Gold Trend Your Own

The beauty of this trend is that it can be personalised to match your individual style. If you prefer a more classic look, stick to simple designs like our Essential Pearl Gold Drop Earrings . If you're looking for a statement piece with more meaning our This to Shall Pass Gold Pendant necklace is a perfect option. The slightly irregular shape of the pendant represents the dips and heights we navigate as we move through life. Paired with a single tear drop freshwater pearl, it is a reminder of the complexity and joy of life.


The Take Home: Why the Pearl and Gold Trend Is Here to Stay

The pearl and gold trend has been around for centuries, and it's not going anywhere. With its timeless appeal and modern twists, it's the perfect addition to any jewellery collection. The key to making this trend your own is to have fun and experiment with different styles and layering. Always remember to purchase quality pieces that will last and bring joy to you over the years. We hope this blog post inspired you to try this trend and add some pearls and gold to your jewellery collection which you can treasure forever and pass down to future generations.

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