The World is your Oyster – jewellery with meaning

The World is your Oyster – jewellery with meaning

The World is your oyster is a sentiment close to our hearts, giving meaning to our jewellery, as well as being central to Claudia’s design ethos. She believes that every design must matter, to have a depth and story to it. We have two wonderful new additions to this range, our micro silver and pearl necklace, and our silver chain and pearl bracelet.

The story behind our The World Is Your Oyster range is touching. The original silver pendant design was inspired by a shell given to Claudia by her mother, found on a trip to Australia just over five years ago. She had collected the sun-bleached oyster shell from the beach near where Claudia was born (the family were there for her father’s work) and brought it back as a memento.

Wanting to capture the fragile, organic shape of the shell, Claudia made a hand drawing of the outline shape, and worked with her CAD colleague to give a feel of edges smoothed by the sea. Pairing the silver pendant with a pearl charm highlights the exciting notion that each pearl originated from a similar shell and was created using the same incredible natural processes.

So we were delighted when Claudia was able, before lockdown, to travel back to the beach in Australia where the design started, and to share her visit with us.

Claudia was born in Nowra, Australia, while her parents were living in Huskisson Bay, right next to Moon Moona creek. Each day her mother, an artist, would visit the beach with her brother to paint and enjoy the beach life with her son. Claudia told us:

‘One of my most precious possessions is the picture of the beach near where I was born, that my mother gave me. It is hanging in my kitchen and is a fabled part of our family life. A dream trip to Australia in February this year included a visit to where this picture was painted over 50 years ago. It took us a while, but we found the tree, and the view. It was a very emotional moment, particularly as my elder two children were with us for this trip. I really connected with this beautiful part of Australia, and I think my love of the sea and water must stem from being ‘cooked’ up by the sea here in Australia. I feel very lucky to have been able to make this journey to connect back to my very start, and with my family. And of course I was wearing my original The World is your Oyster silver necklace for the visit!’

Of all our jewellery designs, The World Is Your Oyster Necklace receives more delighted feedback than any other. Not just a beautiful piece of jewellery, the embossed inscription makes it significant for so many life events and a touching gift.

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