“As a novice beekeeper I wanted to design some jewellery to celebrate the humble honey bee. The power of the collective is simply shown by the life inside a honey bee colony as no single bee can survive without the whole.”

Claudia Bradby

honey bee - Behind the design

Inspired by nature, our Honey Bee sustainable pearl jewellery collection derived from Claudia’s love for beekeeping and desire to celebrate the humble honey bee – native to the UK.

Each unique ancient coin has been handcrafted using recycled silver and inspired by the bee symbol used in early Greek coinage. Ephesus had the bee as a civic emblem and this was in recognition of their value. Claudia’s thoughts followed that we could adopt the bee as a new icon for a new more connected world order. One in which we are Stronger Together (as signified by the linked circles on each coin).

Much like the humble honey bee, we are all inter-connected – we can’t operate solo, and thrive, be that on a social, political, economic or conservation level.

honey bee collection b4 project

The Honey Bee collection also marked the start of our special partnership with The B4 Project via 1% For the Planet.

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