STRONGER TOGETHER - Behind the design

Designed to celebrate the connections we share, to mark the value of them, and the interlinked nature of life.  History shows , time and again, that we are Stronger Together.

Inspired by the resurgence of vintage 80’s jewellery, and a visit to the British Museum to see the Stonehenge exhibition, Claudia has created a textured feel to the love knots featured in these designs, inspired by the patterns found on the ancient jewellery.

These designs channel the 'Under One Sky' element of this ancient time, creating jewellery to celebrate our own personal connections and beliefs.

'I was particularly struck, viewing the ancient jewellery at the Stonehenge exhibition, by the desire to craft beautiful pieces to wear (4,500 years ago), connecting the wearer to what they believed in.

I hope these designs will carry some of this spirt with them for you.’

Claudia Bradby

The primary alignments of Stonehenge were related to the sun. And this was repeated around the world. Sun disc necklaces were designed to reflect the sun, and became portable icons. This Lunulae was found in Harlyn Bay, Cornwall

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