Welcome to our cb zodiac designs: inspired by the beautiful “nebra sky disc” at the british museum’s stonhenge exhibition.

Claudia has captured the human connection which this disc spoke of and combined that with its key golden features (the horizon, sun, and moon) to create a fresh, modern design.

Our zodiac pendant necklaces, born from this ancient icon, connect us to world at large. They are also a tangible piece of beauty to carry with us and connect us to the power of the sun and the sky, as well as to our own personal story.

Maps Germany Nebra Sky Disc

The oldest material depiction of the cosmic phenomena, this mesmerising disc feels a powerful portable symbol of the world and our part in it: simultaneously connecting us back to our ancestors, and to the shared skies of humanity.


“Inspired by ancient zodiac icons, these 2-sided pendants celebrate our deep human connection. One side carries individual zodiacs, linking us to the power of the stars. The other side draws from a Sun disc, carrying with it the light of a new day and the turning of the year. I hope that these zodiacs will carry some of this spirit for you as you wear them.”

Claudia Bradby