Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Our top tips to ensure the small, but important wedding detail of your bridal jewellery is not overlooked. 

Tip 1 – Make Sure You Plan Ahead 

With so many details to organise for your wedding, it is easy to forget about what bridal jewellery you will wear on the day.  To avoid last minute stress we advise adding some jewellery to your planning, at the same time as you are thinking about your wedding dress. 

Pinterest is an excellent place to pull together all your wedding ideas, and it is useful to have the whole look in one place.  Choose your favourite pearl bridal jewellery  from our pinterest board – we’ve noticed pearl bridal earrings are the top choice for our brides looking for both timeless traditional and more contemporary looks.

Tip 2 – Avoid breaking the bank  

Diamonds are not always a girl’s best friend – don’t be hoodwinked into thinking you need to spend thousands.  Instead focus on what you’ll feel comfortable wearing,  and ensure you feel like ‘you’ on your wedding day.  Pearl bridal jewellery is an affordable option. Each handpicked freshwater pearl is also completely unique offering something truly special for your big day.. 

Whether you choose a pearl bridal necklace, or a pearl jewellery set for your wedding, pearls are a versatile accessory ideal for weddings of all styles. And best of all, you, and your bridal party, can wear them long after the occasion - an extra special bond to your wedding day. 

Tip 3: Finding Your Bridal Jewellery Style

We suggest thinking about two key elements when choosing your pearl bridal jewellery  – how you are wearing your hair, and the neckline of your dress, or suit.   A great tip is also to think of a really fun occasion with family and friends – how did you feel and what jewellery were you wearing?  All our pearl bridal necklaces have adjustable lengths, and many of our hoops let you take the pearl off.   

Rock my wedding says of pearls  ‘They’ve been a huge part of weddings for as long as we can remember, but recently, they’re making a comeback, and in a big way.’ (link to

Tip 4: Do your bridesmaids need jewellery?  

While this is not essential, jewellery can elevate your bridal party’s look.  If you would like your bridesmaids looking the same,  you can consider tying this in with your bridal party gifting.  Our most loved pearl bridesmaid jewellery gifts are our essential button pearl bracelets and our favourite pearl drop hoop earrings (which come in silver and gold finishes).

If you are looking for a pearl necklace to suit all your bridesmaids, consider our luxury pearl drop necklace which is adjustable all the way along the chain 

 Tip 5: Choose Jewellery for Your Wedding Day and Beyond  

At Claudia Bradby we don’t believe in jewellery that is only worn once. From the veil and shoes to the ‘must-have’ silk robe and bridal slippers - there’s a lot of items involved in your wedding day which you will never wear or even look at again.  All our pearl bridal jewellery is designed to fit into your everyday life, long after your wedding day itself. 

Forged, design wise, and by our specialist  craftspeople, with skill, thoughtfulness and care, these qualities will endure in your pearl bridal earrings, and necklaces,  and connect you back to the special people who shared your once-in-a-lifetime day. 

Claudia says “When putting together our bridal collection, I wanted to include pieces that are perfect for layering to ensure brides can adapt and feel like themselves on their big day, and I love the bond that is enhanced between a bride and her bridesmaids, and bridal party, by the sharing of our pearl designs.

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