Exploring Baroque Pearl Jewellery

Exploring Baroque Pearl Jewellery

Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are a beguiling organic shaped gemstone, especially Baroque pearl necklaces, which are becoming more sought-after pieces of pearl jewellery. This is due to the interesting and unique organic shape of the pearls. Baroque pearl necklaces are ideal for people looking to make a bold statement in a subtle modern way.  


What are Baroque Pearls? 

Baroque pearls are uniquely un-uniform in shape, with an attractive organic shape. As no two baroque pearls are the same they are the ideal pearl of choice to make a distinctive piece of jewellery. We love using them for the more nature based designs, as they remind us of beachcombing - finding that organic shaped pebble that you can’t stop rubbing in your pocket. The surface of a baroque pearl is uneven and textured, refracting the light off the uneven surface to create a luminous depth and shine. Originating from the Portuguese word 'Barocco,' which means imperfect, the term baroque is used to describe an imperfect, unusual-shaped pearl which used to be considered the rejects of the pearl world.

In many of our distinctive pearl designs, the unique shape of our hand selected pearls are carefully matched to the design. We use baroque pearls in our Baroque hand knotted pearl necklaceBaroque hand knotted pearl necklace – claudiabradby  and our Baroque hand knotted pearl bracelets, Baroque hand knotted pearl bracelet – claudiabradby to create a unique, timeless favourite. As these are knotted by hand, and due to the pearl having a varied shape, the jewellery may, at first, appear a bit kinked.  This will fade away on being worn, and warmed by the skin.

Baroque Pearl Necklaces

All Claudia’s designs are beautifully unique and thoughtfully designed, explore our natural baroque pearl necklaces featuring unique designs handcrafted with heart and soul. Each freshwater pearl is hand-selected by our specialist team, Pearl Experts | Our Process at Claudia Bradby – claudiabradby  and is completely unique, just like you. One of our most popular designs features a single baroque pearl, our  Pearl power chain necklace – claudiabradby, which can be worn at variable lengths due to the modern chunky silver chain. This baroque pearl necklace allows an instant feeling of power and elegance while giving you a modern, trendy style.


If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Harry Styles and Angelina Jolie on how to style and wear your pearls. Our lustrous baroque hand-knotted pearls, Signature Heart Pearl Necklace | Claudia Bradby – claudiabradby offer exceptional everyday pearl luxury.

Baroque Pearl Earrings

A subtle stunning pair of couture pearl studs, Buy Couture Pearl Stud Earrings Today! - Claudia Bradby – claudiabradby, are a statement when worn alone or with a complimentary baroque pearl necklace. These are unique in every form, from the luminescent glow to the unusual shape of each pearl, lovingly chosen and designed to highlight their natural shape.

If you are looking for a unique, bold look, our Coco epee pearl drops – claudiabradby show casing a pair of baroque pearl drops will complete your look with a sheek, sophisticated look while still displaying your creative love for the uniqueness of baroque pearls.

Baroque Pearl Bracelets

Our Dreamcatcher bracelet, Dreamcatcher Cowrie and Pearl Bracelet | Claudia Bradby – claudiabradby, takes charm bracelets to a new level. When Claudia found a shell in Cornwall on the beach, she was inspired to design the cowrie shell charm, which enhances each baroque pearl with its own unique shape and texture, meaning no bracelets will be alike.


While the stunning baroque pearl bracelet, Baroque hand knotted pearl bracelet – claudiabradby makes a statement when worn on its own, it has a matching baroque pearl necklace. The Baroque hand knotted pearl necklace – claudiabradby, features lustrous baroque pearls that are handpicked, and then knotted, by our team, to create this simple modern pearl necklace. This a perfect match while offering a contemporary update on a timeless favourite.

Baroque pearls are on-trend, and the style icons who wear them

Baroque pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets have become the latest trend and are in high demand due to their unique shapes, colours and lustre. Since the early 1900s, style icons have worn pearls, such as Lina Cavalieri, a famous opera singer; Coco Chanel, the founder and namesake of the Chanel brand and iconic Marilyn Monroe, bringing us to today's red carpet stars such as Sam Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kiera Knightley and Emma Watson. We were thrilled to have Sam Smith wear our essential long pearl pendant with its single baroque pearl, Buy A Simple Pearl Pendant Today! - Claudia Bradby – claudiabradby. Baroque pearl pieces can be worn layered or as a single statement piece, and these style icons are often seen sporting their pearl passion in public. 


To find out more about our baroque pearl necklaces and jewellery, why not visit our pearl experts page Pearl Experts | Our Process at Claudia Bradby – claudiabradby 

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