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Bridgerton Inspired Jewellery | Season 2 Get the Look

Our Diamonds of Season 2

Romance, glamour and lavish jewellery. It’s easy to see why we’re big fans of Bridgerton.

The hit Netflix series inspired by Julia Quinn’s popular novels, focuses on the trials and tribulations of the ‘ton’ (aka the elite London society in the 1800s). Set in Regency England, the period drama is loved for its timeless style with a contemporary twist, much like our own freshwater pearl jewellery here at Claudia Bradby.

While season 1 of the show took a classic approach (see our first Bridgerton Inspired Jewellery guide) with timeless pearl string necklaces and elegant drop earrings, the long-awaited season 2 arrived with an entirely new and just as exciting style.


Bridgerton Season 2 | Jewellery Styles

Season 2 saw the arrival of the Sharma family, who brought a bold and even more refreshing feel to the unique show. With their Indian heritage, the Sharma family were cleverly styled with colourful beadwork jewellery featuring unique shapes, inspired by jewellery from India.

The elegant yet bold tones of pink, rose gold and turquoise jewellery, complemented each incredible regency costume beautifully.

Much-like the Bridgerton necklaces and earrings featured in season 1, sadly you will still need to be a member of the ton yourself to add pieces like this to your jewellery collection with their mind-blowing five figure price tags! However you can still feel like a diamond of the season with our Bridgerton 2 inspired jewellery.

 Bridgerton jewellery stylesImage credit: @Bridgertonnelix

Get the Look | Bridgerton Season 2

The second season of Bridgerton was released just a couple of months before our own refreshing new splash of colour, our latest Turquoise collection.

As seen on female-led, Kate Sharma, played by the hugely talented Simone Ashley, Turquoise is a subtle and delicate way of adding colour to your look.

Kate Sharma wearing turquoise jewelleryImage credit: @Bridgertonnelix


Designed to bring a vibrant sense of joy to your wardrobe (just like the Sharma’s brought to the ton), our Turquoise collection is inspired by the turquoise water energy, which is the energy of stillness, quiet strength and purification. No spoilers intended here, but if you’ve seen Bridgerton season 2, you’ll know this energy very much reassembles Kate Sharma herself.

Here are our top 3 Turquoise collection Bridgerton inspired jewellery pieces:

  1. Turquoise and Pearl Silver Hoop Boho Pendant - designed to be playful with a hint of extravagance (much like the sassy edge of Kate Sharma herself). The laid-back boho chic feel to this handcrafted turquoise and pearl necklace is perfect for summer.

  2. Turquoise and Pearl Silver Hoops – to match your Bridgerton inspired necklace, one will of course need a pair of elegant and bold earrings. Wonderful for a summer promenade or your next ball this season.

  3. Turquoise and Pearl Gold Fringe Necklace – layer your pendant necklace with a classic choker featuring a modern twist or wear this popular piece on its own and feel like a viscountess whatever you’re wearing.

  4. Turquoise Stone and Pearl Drop Stud Earrings – the traditional pearl drop earring combined with a bold pop of semi-precious turquoise. These earrings offer the best of both worlds, perfect for wear all-year round.

 silver pearl and turquoise hoop necklace silver and turquoise boho hoop
gold and pearl fringe choker blue stone and pearl earring

 Whether you have a diary full of social gatherings or want to feel amazing at home or on holiday, our hand-selected, unique Bridgerton inspired pearl jewellery is something you will treasure and keep close to your heart forever.

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