Our Artist in residence | Honor

Honor is a talented young artist who finished her foundation course at Kingston School of Art in 2022

Her work is vibrant, engaging, and driven by a passion for visual communication. She is going on to study graphic design Manchester in 2023.  

We commissioned Honor to create our online illustrations, and liked her work so much we commissioned our first birthday gift card from her as well.

Check out Honor's creation here


"This is a hard one because I’ve never been obsessed with an artist in terms of visual arts vs music. I tend to take more inspiration from the things I love to do like music, dancing, nature, clothes, the people i am surrounded by and more day to day things like that I guess. Sorry if that doesn’t really answer the question but if I had to say one artist, I’ve always loved Polly Nor and more recently I’ve been liking Bendik Finborud’s animations."

What do you think about pearls/jewellery?

"I see jewellery as quite an easy way for me to express myself. I love playing around with layered necklace combos and lots of different types of rings. I feel like you can get a good vibe off someone from their jewellery. I would also love to make my own! I think its such a cool skill to have."

Can you share some people who inspire you and why

"As cheesy as it is my mum (Tamara founder of Sweaty Betty) is a pretty big inspiration for me. Just seeing how hard she work with a seemingly balanced lifestyle makes my mind boggle, I have no idea how she does it."

“My favourite piece of jewellery is definitely the bee coin necklace. I wear it everyday without fail it’s literally my favourite necklace, I love it so much!”


"Commissioning original art from inspiring creatives allows us to offer you a genuinely unique artwork card to accompany your jewellery, if it is a gift. I love Honor's interpretation of our pearls, and have loved collaborating with such a vibrant talent. I would love to receive this beautiful pearl birthday card."



Honor drew these beautiful graphics to illustrate key usp's that we are so proud of.

From our support of bee conservation, to being designed in the UK, with love and consideration, to offering you the perfect gift solutions we hope you will enjoy her creative input to your experience at CB jewellery.