COCO - Behind the design

This capsule collection is the first of a series of designs ignited by the V&A Chanel exhibition in 2023.

As you can read in Claudia’s blog here, Gabrielle Chanel is one of her founding inspirations – not just for Chanel’s love of pearls, but also for her innovative thinking and simple purpose – both of which sparked a creative light in Claudia. She says ‘I was excited by the idea of taking the pearl from fusty 'conformed dressing' to something vibrant and alive, and full of lustre and possibility; this has given CB jewellery a strong sense of purpose across the years.’

“I love these beautifully lustrous, organic shaped coin pearls. They remind me of beachcombing -  and having a smooth pebble to soothe my touch in my pocket.  Increasingly difficult to find, I know you will love these coin pearl designs. Think simple, elegant, striking, pearl design. It's a small homage to a giant of an inspiration to me.”

Claudia Bradby

In this beautiful Coco Collection you will find our simple, lustrous, and generously sized, drop pearl, on a fully adjustable chain (our Coco Pearl Power Chain design), alongside our Coco Epee Pearl Drops. Added to these designs, are our vibrantly organic, lustrous Coco Coin Pearl designs. The hand selected, organic shaped coin pearl sits in the middle of our bestselling choker of freshwater pearls. The pearl choker is a style that we have been making for over 10 years, and it was, of course, catapulted to global fame by Harry Styles and other stylish celebrities (read more here). We love the organic shape of our beautiful Coco Coin Pearl; a type of freshwater pearl that is increasingly hard to find, and limited in its availability.

The new Abacus Coco Pearl Drop Earrings sit alongside our bestselling pearl duos as an addition to our ear jacket designs. You can remove the 3 graduated pearl drops from the pearl stud to change up your earring style. This continues on the flexibility of use running throughout all our designs. 

replica of chanel sweeping staircase
chanel pearl jewellery at V&A exhibition

"Of course, Chanel is synonymous with pearls – and for that I am hugely grateful as she really breathed life into them."