Flying Bees - Behind the design

A new collection from Claudia Bradby, inspired by Claudia’s own beekeeping hobby and conservation work.

Take flight with our iconic flying bee design, capturing the industrious spirit and grace of our native UK honey bee. They are one of our key pollinators, indicators of a healthy balance in nature and, of course, providers of delicious honey.

Sustainably made from recycled sterling silver, each bee that takes flight contributes to bee conservation through our 1% for the Planet initiative. 

“The magic of watching bees take flight from their hive never fails to move me. I wanted to create a lighter, simpler set of designs to show the bees in flight as they take wing to find nectar and pollen to feed the colony, queen and newly emerged bees as well as to defend their colony from threat. They are simply remarkable!

I hope that these designs will carry some of this spirit with them for you.”

Claudia Bradby
Bee keeper on Scilly Isles
Scilly Isles Bee Project

Every piece of jewellery that you buy supports the Scillonian Bee Project, conserving local honey bee populations and fostering sustainable beekeeping on the Isles.