The Evolution of Bridgerton Jewellery: A Focus on Pearls in Season 3

The Evolution of Bridgerton Jewellery: A Focus on Pearls in Season 3

After our much-loved run downs on Bridgerton season 1 and 2, we couldn’t not shine the spotlight on Penelope in season 3. We’re so excited to see what the second half brings, from the glamour of the ton to the gripping Polin storyline and what their future holds.

The Netflix series has been captivating audiences worldwide for almost four years now, with its lavish sets, intricate storylines, and, of course, its stunning jewellery. As we eagerly anticipate the release of Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2, we’ve explored how the jewellery has evolved throughout the series.

Let’s delve into the elegant world of Bridgerton, focusing on iconic pieces worn by characters like Penelope Featherington and Violet Bridgerton.

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Bridgerton Jewellery Through the Seasons

From the very first season, Bridgerton has been a visual feast, with jewellery playing a crucial role in defining the characters' status, personality, and evolution. Each piece is meticulously chosen to reflect the Regency era's opulence and the characters' unique traits.

Season 1: Setting the Stage

In Season 1, we were introduced to the grand world of the Bridgertons and Featheringtons. The jewellery was bold and opulent, with diamonds and gemstones taking centre stage. Pearls were often seen adorning the necks and ears of the more refined characters, symbolising purity and elegance.

Season 2: A Touch of Refinement

Season 2 saw a slight shift towards more refined and intricate pieces. Pearls began to feature more prominently, often paired with delicate gold jewellery. This season highlighted the subtle sophistication of pearl jewellery, reflecting the characters' deeper storylines and emotional growth.

Bridgerton Season 3: The Rise of Pearl Jewellery

As we move into Season 3, pearls take a starring role, again showcasing their versatility and timeless appeal.

Penelope Featherington: A Symbol of Transformation

Penelope Featherington's character arc is (in our opinion) one of the most compelling in the series. Known for her vibrant personality and hidden depths, Penelope's jewellery in Season 3 reflects her transformation. We see her adorned in exquisite necklaces and earrings, symbolising her blossoming confidence and sophistication. The jewellery she wears are not just accessories but a reflection of her journey from a wallflower to a woman of influence. This ties in with our firm belief here at Claudia Bradby that jewellery has a powerful purpose that plays a part in how you feel.


Violet Bridgerton: The Matriarch's Timeless Elegance

Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, has always been a beacon of grace and elegance. In Season 3, her jewellery continues to exude timeless sophistication. Her pearl jewellery, including elegant necklaces and hairpieces, showcases her unwavering strength and enduring beauty. Violet's choice of pearls is a nod to the enduring nature of her love and commitment to her family.


Pearls in Bridgerton: Beyond Necklaces

Pearl jewellery in Bridgerton extends beyond the traditional necklace and earrings. Season 3 introduces a variety of pearl-adorned accessories that add a touch of regality to the characters' ensembles.

Pearl Hairpieces

One of the standout trends in Season 3 is the use of pearl hairpieces. These delicate accessories add an ethereal quality to the characters' hairstyles, often seen in intricate updos and cascading curls. Pearl-encrusted hairpins, tiaras and combs provide a subtle yet striking accent, perfect for replicating that Regency-era glamour.

Pearl Embellished Clothing

Pearls also make their way onto the characters' clothing, adding an extra layer of luxury. Look out for pearl-embellished dresses and gowns, where pearls are sewn into the fabric to create intricate patterns and designs. This trend not only enhances the visual appeal but also underscores the characters' status and elegance.

Embrace the Bridgerton Pearl Trend

The pearl trend in Bridgerton offers endless inspiration. Whether you're looking to replicate Penelope's transformative look or Violet and Francessca’s timeless elegance, pearl jewellery is a versatile and sophisticated choice. As pearl experts here at Claudia Bradby, we specialise in handcrafting intricate freshwater pearl jewellery that offers a natural, pure feel to suit all ages.

And of course as lovers of a strong narrative, which inspires so many of our  meaningful jewellery designs, the connection between this gripping story and the jewellery used to tell each characters own journey, is one we can’t fail to love.

From timeless baroque pearl necklaces to modern handcrafted pieces each with meaning behind the design, our collections offer a contemporary take on Regency-era glamour.

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