Girls’ Getaway in Cornwall

celebrating connections, life’s adventures, and special experiences.

As you know, we celebrate our shared connections through our story telling jewellery. Together with Helen, founder of Davy J swimwear, Claudia invited a group of like minded women to share one of her favourite places in Cornwall, to enjoy some time out – swimming in the river, cooking delicious food, and sharing inspiration.

The perfect place, you might say, to try out new swimwear designed for adventure, and to road test pearl jewellery gifts from our much loved Jewellery with meaning gift collection.

But it turned out to be rather a magical time.. which we wanted to share with you. This is the sort of community we LOVE being a part of. So thank you Helen, Doon, Rebecca, Nic, Nina, Charlotte, and Lizzie for making it so special.

And thank you to Sawdays for making it all happen, both with delicious Riverford menu boxes, and location, location, location... at Treveddoe Farmhouse

"So how does 2 + 2 = 5? I love meeting new people, and our guests for this special weekend were no exception. Each singularly clear in their purpose; open, generous and honest in sharing their expertise, life experiences and sense of fun. What a wonderful time we all enjoyed - around water, adventure and inspiring conversations. This was a 5 out of 4 weekend - so much more than the sum of its parts, with a special vibe that can not be planned. I hope you will enjoy sharing their inspiration with me."



Claudia met Helen through her love of wild swimming. Like Claudia, Helen is a female founder, sharing a passion for adventure and a commitment to a more sustainable business model.

Claudia says "I bought my first Davy J swimsuit in 2019, as I embarked on a ‘Her Spirit’ winter chilly dip challenge. I had no idea what this love of water would bring me. I’ve swum in my local chalk stream and lake, in lakes in Slovenia, in the seas of Cornwall, Malta and Greece; always with friends, always giving me a wonderful community and connection not only to people, but to nature herself. My Davy J swimsuits have accompanied me on these adventures. 

Design I particularly love the clever design detail of the back of Helen’s suits, and her amazing new net-zero suit which combines style with a circular economy. I always feel amazing when I put mine on, a parallel feeling to when I wear our designs – the story invested in both give me inspiration, comfort and a feeling of connection.’"

HELEN LOFTS | Founder of Davy J Swimwear

"I bought my first Davy J swimsuit in 2019, and since then have been a devoted advocate. Helen’s business is underpinned by a desire to create swimwear for adventure, that also looks amazing; and that uses sustainable resources to do so. An inspiring trail blazer, she is also an experienced economist - and really good fun!"

Helen chose our Button Pearl Studs and The World Is Your Oyster Silver Bracelet



"Rebecca kindly gifted us all a delicious bundle of their products, 5 Steps To Glowing Skin, curated to restore your gorgeous healthy glow.

Having worked for a global giant in the trade for many years, and retraining as a reflexologist,  she set up BALANCE ME with her sister who had re-trained as an aromatherapist. As they say ‘in the name of balancing skin and minds, BALANCE ME was born.’  Their product is open and honest. And really struck a chord with me as I enter my mid-fifties -  I love their Tripeptide Plumping Cloud Cream."

Rebecca chose our Unita Organic Pearl Pendant, Gold


CHARLOTTE LODEY | Life & Business Coach

"Charlotte is a hugely successful life and business coach, who generously shared a mood board session with us. The intention was to work out what we wanted to leave behind in 2023, and what we wanted to set an intention for in 2024. In a process similar (though quicker) to my designing we were urged to look through magazines, tear out any pictures that caught our eye, then to sift through them and find a re-occurring theme.

Thanks for the sage advice and space to allow thoughts to emerge, Charlotte."

Charlotte said of our getaway ‘...a chance to untether, relax, meet new friends, share stories, get in nature and eat deicous food in an idyllic surrounding.  I realise that in order to grow we really do have to create space in order to process. This weekend has allowed for introspection, relaxation and restoration.’

Charlotte chose our Meditative Gold Pearl Spinner


LIZZIE CROXFORD | Physio & Yoga Instructor

"Lizzie led a wonderful yoga session in the big barn at Treveddoe. Lizzie runs ThreeZero12 with her husband. This is a fitness and wellbeing business, with a refreshingly holistic approach -  mainling ‘harmony and balance’. Sadly I missed her yoga session, but loved her company and inspirational approach to her business and life."

As she said '...throughout the weekend we got the chance to listen, learn and support each other in so many ways. From nourishing food, cold water dips, mood boards, yoga and skin care.'

Lizzie chose our Honey Bee Gold Charmed Hoops



"Nina describes herself as a ‘travelling seascape artist’ – so 2 out of 3 of her qualities immediately struck a chord. My love of the sea is deepened with Nina’s highly original, and seemingly simple, yet complex 'bird’s eye' view work; and her love of travel - well who wouldn’t want to go to the Maldives as ‘resident artist’…  Look out for her limited edition prints."

Nina chose our Meditative Silver Pearl Spinner


NICOLA ROBEY | Copywriter & Entrepreneur

“Nic is a talented copywriter, and it was no surprise that we got on when I found out that she wrote the copy that first enticed me to some swim locations I now have dear to my heart. 

All the delightful products in her new homeware side hustle, Loral, are handmade by her, and are made from sustainably sourced fabric.”

Nicola chose our The World Is Your Oyster Gold Micro Necklace


DOON WILLIAMS | Lifestyle & Portrait Photography

"As a photographer, Doon’s work has a very natural quality to it – capturing the essence of people and places so well. 

I love working with Doon as she is never intrusive and allows a flow to her photography that immediately puts you at your ease. I have her ‘The Top Of The Mountain’ print on my Christmas list. Oh and she always makes you feel like a million dollars."

Doon chose our The World Is Your Oyster Necklace